Kayak rentals
P250 for the single
P300 for the tandem for either 6am to 12 noon or 12 noon to 6 pm. Any request for boat pick up in case they cannot get back will be charged P1,500. for boat rental (2 hours) or rescue (in case you cannot get back on the kayak)
A signal for rescue (whistle or screams) or a phone call will constitute such indication.
A Kayak clinic for any interested group may be arranged, and instruction will include efficient paddling and getting back on a kayak in case it topples over.

Lodging and Camping
P250 per pax for mattresses on the loft
P100 per tent (tent not included, up to a 5 person tent)
P50 per hammock

Horseback Riding
P200 per pax for 30 minutes

Cooking Demo
Suman sa lihiya (a.k.a. Sumang Yakap or Sumang Dapa) P1,200 including all ingredients, and regardless of number of persons, suman can be brought home or consumed

5,000 per day (only pavillion will be for the exclusive use of the renter)

For catering, please call Betty Vergara-Estorias at 0915 178 1211


1. Pets are allowed but owners must sign a statement of responsibility for any damage or injury their pet might cause, as well as an obligation to pick up after their pets.

2. Any type of dumping is prohibited within the TVPL. Guests who bring in their own food or supplies (including used sanitary products) must take away all their non-biodegradable trash. The term biodegradable as used here is equivalent to “compostable” in industry-speak, meaning the waste must degrade at the same rate as leaf-litter. Plastic bags marked “biodegradable” must be brought out of the the center and disposed where there are proper mechanisms for disposal outside the TVPL.

3. The center prides itself in reducing economic leakage brought about by tourism. As such, guests are encouraged to patronize local businesses for their needs. There are local caterers who are ready to take food orders and other services may be available in the community. Please ask.

4. Smoking is not allowed in the entire compound. Smokers are welcome but they should smoke elsewhere downwind such as on the street. The Center seeks to be child-friendly and no amount of exposure to cigarette smoke is safe, so in the interest of other guests, all smoking must be done outside the premises. Smokers are also asked to bring their cigarette butts with them out of the TVPL.

5. The center accepts all reports on the state of the environment in Taal Lake for its databases., preferably thorough ones and those that have direct application for conservation. It also accepts volunteers and donations that can either go to the maintenance of the center or to direct conservation measures under the TVPL Management Plan.

6. Loud music, lewd or raucous behavior or nudity that would tend to offend other guests or the community shall not be tolerated and guests engaging in such shall be asked to leave immediately

7. Only the drying areas can be used to hang up wet clothes or vests.

8. Guests are asked to exercise the courtesy of ensuring that their use of the restrooms and washing areas will not render these areas unfit for the next users. TLCC does not employ a large number of staff as its income is intended to support Center operations and conservation.

9. Absolutely no cutting of plants or picking of flowers. These are intended for the birds and butterflies. Fires may be lit only in the center of the Dap-ay or inside grillers brought in by guests.

10. Guests are requested to keep an eye on their children at all times. There are no lifeguards on the premises and TLCC assumes no responsibility for the safety of minors. We ask all guests to consider that they may have a role to play in ensuring the safety of all minors and encourage those who have life-saving skills to help TLCC ensure the safety of all minors.


1. Entrance will be P50 regardless of age;

2. Residents of Mataasnakahoy (with proof of residency) who pledge to help in conservation efforts will pay P50 one time to cover the cost of making their ID which allows them free entrance for one year. A violation of any of the rules will cause a revocation of their ID. Renewal will cost P30.

3. Residents of Balete and all subscribers of the E-governance for TVPL project will pay P40. only for entrance.

4. Those who refer guests who take the Knowledge and Conservation Tours would be entitled to discounts or commissions.

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